SO close!

 The Tiki Cabin was the last to have the floors refinished and repainted, coat 1 is on and you can see the new pocket door for the bathroom beside the kitchen. This was a necessity to prevent the door from hitting the “loo”. What our cabins lack in square footage, they make up for in […]

Curb appeal, coming right up!

       With all the work being done inside, we have not forgotten about curb appeal and parking! In the top photo you can see just how much has already gone into this front area. In front of that door there used to be a shine height rise to step into the cabin. It […]

On the lake – Life's a beach!

    The first 2 images show the beach the way it used to be. The last shows the excavation that has begun!! This beach will be nearly double the size it used to be with a retaining wall and built in bench seat abutting the large tree in the foreground and continuing the length […]

Tiki's are tiled too!

  To be fair, all 3 cabins have had the bathrooms tiled 😉 I’m just missing a couple of pictures which I will find and post later!  There is also now tile trim around the floor in these bathrooms! The smaller one is really super impressive though. Taking a make shift storage/divided into 2 closet […]

Tiki me happy!!

    In the Tiki Cabin, the new cabinets and countertops are in and appliances for all cabins arrive this Friday! The flooring in this kitchen used to be 3/4 of an inch above the hardwood in the living area. The kitchen and both bathrooms in this cabin are a singular add on that came […]

And a Cherry on top!

    Sanding painted floors is a big and very messy job… I had no idea… apparently when you sand red flooring, the dust goes everywhere!!! And theeeeen you have to dust everything in sight very carefully so as not to turn the walls pink!! Holy Cow!! The result however is absolutely adorable and totally […]

High n mighty improvements!

 This is the ceiling in the main living area of the nautical cabin. They used to be drop ceilings just like all the other cabins. However, this little place had tongue and groove in the kitchen area and we decided to carry it throughout! The new can lights are visible here as well as the […]

Nauti updates!

           Wow! with life whirling by and this project moving at the speed of light, I have fallen behind on my updates! All of the cabins have had the wood floors sanded and repainted or new tile has been laid! These photos are just the Nautical cabin. You can also see […]

So many things removed…

     Everything with a red dot on it in the first picture is now GONE! The old wall furnace, single paned window, single paned picture window and the wall beneath it, chair rail, ceiling tiles and old appliances! The Tiki cabin is really taking shape! 🙂   

3 little beauties, all cleaned up!

   In the top picture you can see how lovely our little cabins are looking these days! If this snow would stop, they wouldn’t look so out of place! The electric post in the top photo used to have wires running from it, to all 3 cabins separately. We have had those removed and buried […]