Curb appeal, coming right up!




 With all the work being done inside, we have not forgotten about curb appeal and parking! In the top photo you can see just how much has already gone into this front area. In front of that door there used to be a shine height rise to step into the cabin. It is now aout 2 with the grading allowing for runoff. The land has had or will have dirt added to it along the entire front side, it will be compacted and covered in gravel to withstand use over time and provide 2 full parking spaces per cabin! The shed will be removed and a retaining wall built in front of the Cherry Cabin to make full use of the space! (the Cherry Cabin is the first one in the bottom image, the Nautical Cabin is center and the Tiki Cabin is in the distance nearest the shed) Love, Love, Love these little places 🙂 I hope everyone who enters will feel it!!