Nauti updates!






 Wow! with life whirling by and this project moving at the speed of light, I have fallen behind on my updates! All of the cabins have had the wood floors sanded and repainted or new tile has been laid! These photos are just the Nautical cabin. You can also see the brand new water heating sitting on the blue floor in the kitchen area. 

The top photo shows the main living area, 2 bedrooms and hallway in this cabin however the bathroom also has this beautiful tile! This main room was sinking if you recall from a previous post! We had removed the carpet to find a dip in the floor up to and inch on one side. After leveling everything out, we went with tile to keep the “ship deck” feeling 🙂 the wanes coating is just going up and it will continue throughout the main living area, both bedrooms and the hallway! Hard to believe how far these little cuties have come in such a short time!