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Bettys hideout renovation

Is this Tahiti? :D

   The new siding is going up, starting with the Tiki Cabin and the neighbors love it as much as we do! It’s vibrant, happy, alive, crisp, clean and fun! These sweet cabins are feeling the love and we hope you’ll feel it too! When the house construction and landscaping are done, the decks and stairs […]

The new sliding glass door is in!! but not without some challenges :/

         The top image is the removal of the old, single-pane windows in the Tiki Cabin – to reveal they had been leaking for a very long time, down into the wall below them. So the guys, removed all the rotten wood, re-framed for the sliding glass door, installed a new header and […]

Off with the old… siding… oh, and windows!

  The old wood siding on all 3 cabins is being replaced with new, super pretty teal colored siding! The old single ply windows are out and the new, energy efficient, double panned windows are in! It’s a work in progress but it’s moving very quickly! First things first, the sheathing underneath the siding all […]

En suite? Yes please!

   The top image is one of the bedrooms in the Tiki cabin. The door to the far right used to be a misfit closet that was ackward and divided into 2 sections. It contained storage and personal items. The second image is a close up of this same area as it now stands – […]

Tiki Love!

  This wall in the Tiki cabin will be completely transformed! The door to the right in this image will be removed. The space between the door and the widows used to have a wood heating stove there that took up a large footprint, it is now gone. But the biggest impact will be the […]

Is that a bee hive??!!

  The beginning of any good renovation is the demolition of the old to make way for the new. Making our way into the smallest of the 3 cabins, the Cherry Cabin, we removed all the drywall to expose the plumbing and electrical in order to update it. In doing so, we found… a bee […]

Nautical updates

       This is the middle cabin as they sit on the road and in size order. The Nautical Cabin’s surprise for us is a sinking concrete slab in the main living area! We found it when the carpet was removed in this area. If you click on the image above you can clearly see […]

Transformation in progress!

      About 2 weeks ago, we began renovation on the cabins. Starting with the kitchen and ceiling in the largest of the 3 cabins, now known as the Tiki Cabin. Upon removing the flooring in the kitchen it was clear that the addition (which the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom closet were built on) […]