Tiki me happy!!



In the Tiki Cabin, the new cabinets and countertops are in and appliances for all cabins arrive this Friday! The flooring in this kitchen used to be 3/4 of an inch above the hardwood in the living area. The kitchen and both bathrooms in this cabin are a singular add on that came into existence – well – we don’t actually know when, but long after the original was built in ’52. When we removed the layers of laminate and tile in this kitchen, the framework was a good 1/2 an inch below the original framing, so we reframed it and then tied new wood flooring into the original flooring. You can see that in the pictures above in the transition from green to unpainted wood. We are now sanding them all down and will repaint them a fresh new green throughout the cabin! The ceilings in here were drop in tiles, we have removed them and replaced them with tongue and groove in the main area and kitchen making it feel like one large, cohesive room 🙂